DG Japanese pressings

So I found the Japanese version of Beethoven's Pastorale - Bohm/Wiener on ebay.  I wanted to see if there was any sonic differences and for 6 bucks why not?  To my surprise, it sounds glorious!  No dry, sterile sound here. Thoroughly enjoyable.  This is so unfair, why must the rest of the world suffer at the hands of the German Tonmeister?  Is this a one off thing or do the Japanese DG LPs indeed sound better usually?
Inquiring minds want to know. I have some of the Bohm/VPO vinyl, early 1970's and it does sound dry and sterile. (I think DG  sounded better in the 60's).
Was this remastered or an original release? What is the date?
Normal for Japanese , when they put their mind to it they seem to be able
to do anything better than anyone else . I was in a Japanese Hospital once, made Mayo Clinic seem like a first-aid station.

First Japanese pressings I bought were 10 LP RCA recordings of Arthur Rubinstein playing Chopin .
Sealed in Salvation Army store in Chippewa Falls. Wi for $2.99 about 5 years ago . Jaw hit shoe-laces , both for price and sound .
Rotarius, did the Japanese pressing indicate DG? I'd be interested in finding some myself.
Well, I cannot find a release date in English anywhere.  The series is the one commemorating him - "Karl Bohm Ausgabe".  This edition has "2000" under the DG logo.
Google is not turning up anything about this edition. I am sure it is remastered because it does sound different than the early 70's releases I have.
I wonder if it's one of the Toshiba Breakout 2000 series. These are Japanese reissues.