DEXA D-Clock or Neutron Star?

I'm looking to upgrade my Cary dac a bit. Anyone have any experience with either of these two clocks? The Neutron Star seems very enticing but I've seen quite a few reviews on the D-Clock and it appears that it may be all I need. But then again, why spend $400 when I can have better at twice the price?! (Insalled prices that is) Other than an EIC connector and upgraded RCA jacks I don't see much that can be improved upon. Has anyone even bothered trying to upgrade this dac yet or am I on uncharted territory? Should I mess with it or leave it alone? Input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Guess not. Well I'm doing it anyway.

Follow on question here. Is there a benefit to reclocking the transport too? Since the signal winds up getting reclocked at the dac
anyway, does it make a difference?
Apparently not too many people interested in re-clocking a dac! I am looking at a Behringer DCX2496 and there is a lot of talk about upgrading to a DEXA reference clock to reduce jitter. Many claim a major increase in transparency and timber accuracy.
Interested to know how your project progressed and if you observed any major improvements.
I have not tried either, but have two second-hand reports that the Neutron Star is excellent. With several Audiocom generations to SC4 I found that results are all about the quality of the power source. Get the best clock & PS that you can afford.
Adlpc... The project got pushed in a manner of priority and that I'm about to be out of the country for almost a year. It will be going for the reclock once I return. Wish I had something to report on but I will certainly post back to this thread when it does finally happen. Sadly, the dac, two months old is now sitting in storage. :-( Along with the rest of my system.
Dgarretson, I figured the bigger the better so I'm going with their reference model. Thanks for the tip on the ps. Should have been the first thing I thought of! :-)

Thanks for the responses. Will post when I get it finished.
I just got the Dexa, a lot problem trying to install to the Marantz SA11. Improvements: front to back layering is better, complex loud message do not collapse soundstage anymore, less digital sounding, image is a bit more solid and bass a bit more defined, timbre a bit more natural, worth while upgrade.