Devore Super 8s vs Acoustic Zen Adagios

I have a small (11 by 18) listening room, open to the sides, and am considering a speaker upgrade. I'm using Bryston 3Bs, which I think have ample power.

Based on various recommendations I'm thinking that the Devores and the Acoustic Zens are strong candidates. I've heard the Devores (no local dealers for either) and was impressed with them. Also, SAF is a major consideration and my spouse liked the way they looked and sounded. (She likes music but is not an audiophile.)

I haven't been able to audition the Adagios. Has anyone who has heard both care to offer an opinion? Would someone like to suggest something else in the same general price/size category?

I haven't heard either of the two that you are entertaining, but to your last question you might want to consider Tyler Acoustic D3s or D2s - I have the Linbrook System2s and Taylo 7Us which Ty recently dropped with the introduction of his Decade line (The D3s replaced the Taylo 7Us) - if you check the ads he has for these and click the links at the bottom there are Agon threads from folks who have either of the two new ones I mentioned above. I am not affliated with Tyler other than as a very satisfied customer - his speakers are top notch and his service excellent. Bought mine without hearing them and never regretted it - Good luck
I have the Adagios and enjoy them greatly. I am about to audition the Gibbon 9's as a possible upgrade and will report back. From what I have been advised the Devore's are a step up in price and performance. For the money and particularly second hand, the Adagios are a steal, good soundstage, base, neutral and transparent. From what I hear, the Devore's do'nt make a big impact on audition, not dramatic, but grow on you.
I haven't heard either, but from the anecdotal evidence and reviews I have read, it seems that the sweet spot for the Super 8's is with low to medium power tube amps. I understand the designer often recommends the low powered Shindo gear, for example. So, my guess is that your Bryston would be a bit out of character for use with these speakers and I would strongly encourage an audition with your amp, if possible.
I also have the adagio and am really quite satisfied with them...they just keep impressing me with every upgrade,(power cables,cond,ect).I am using sim gear with them,must be on par with bryston i would think.I also have not heard the other speaker you are reffering to.Really dont have the urge(or money)to move from adagio...with jazz they are a very sweet.My room is 13 by 21,Perfect for room.I wouldnt want anything bigger.Always a trade off with every choice,but this one works for me quite nicely.