Devore super 8s or Acoustic Zen Adagio

Looking for some new speakers and am considering these two. Anyone compare the two?
Interesting question. Avidly awaiting responses myself. Anyone kind enough to comment?
I was using the Adagios until recently, when I decided to upgrade. One of the speakers I looked at was the Devore 9's and I was most impressed. They do'nt look very impressive, but they sounded very good indeed. The main word I would use was natural. Slightly on the warm sound of neutral, fine soundstage, detail. They made all recordings sound very good indeed, all genres.
The Adagios are very good indeed, hard to beat at the price and remember, they are cheaper, particularly second hand, but it was no contest against the 9's. In the end, I bought the Daedalus Da-R Ma's, but it could have gone either way. They are different, but as good as the 9's