devore super 8 vs 88

I really liked the 88s but they are way above my price range. can anyone tell me how similar or dissimilar they are. i may be able to afford the super 8s. i listen to a lot of rock and pop and right now have a rwa sig 15 amp with eastern electric dac plus thanks jon
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Sorry to bump this but is no one able to compare the Devore Super 8s with the newer Gibbon 88s? Thanks.
I haven't compared them head-to-head, but have heard both speakers, in addition to Nines, 3XL's and Orangutans on different occasions...IMHO, if you like the 88's, I can't imagine that you wouldn't enjoy Super 8's. If you're looking for the closest thing to 88's at a lower cost used, Super 8's would seem to be an obvious answer.

If you couldn't tell...I quite like the entire Devore line.