Devore Super 8 speakers with WHAT cable?

Super8 's on their way and looking for the best combination of speaker cable? Can a great cable be had for Approx $250US? Would be paired with a Red Wine Audio Sig 30.2 Thankks, e
Reality Cables
I use Auditorium 23 cables with my Super 8's with excellent results. Well worth an extra few hundred dollars if you can manage it.
04-15-08: Arthursmuck
Reality Cables
Arthur, are you using these with a devore? or just good cables less than $250?

thanks guys.
I use Blue Circle BC92 with mine.

In all honesty I sell BC gear, but I was a BC fan and owner long before I was affiliated with them.
Auditorium 23...nothing else
Oh come on people.
The guy's budget is $250.
The Auditorium 23 are $880 for an 8 foot pair.
thanks guys. but the $900 Auditorium 23 cables are outside that $250-$300 budget. Would love to hear them though.

BlueCircles BC91's are close at $325.00 MSRP
but BC92's are $525. only prices I could find. maybe used are avail on AG.

thanks, ed
No Ed, I don't run them with Devore's. They are just superb cables for the range you gave. I think Gregg at Reality offers a demo as well, so no harm no foul if you don't like them, do a search, many many happy customers.
Alpha Core Goertz MI-2 Veracity. A little over your budget for an 8' pair but well worth the extra $50 or so. 30 day trial available.
"The Auditorium 23 are $880 for an 8 foot pair." ... not true. There is a 2.5m pair currently posted for sale on Agon for $450.00 OBO.

Regardless of all our suggestions, it would be wise to demo before buying if possible.
Are you trying to change some characteristic from what you are hearing now?
bjesien, not hearing anything with the devores yet, as they have not arrived. So I am doing research to short list cables to compare to my current anti-cables. I may not be trying to reach the "ultimate" sound but without comparing to other cables I cannot see what the devores are capable of. Or the cables for that matter.

Gregg Straley Reality cables seems the most interesting to me at this point. and they have a trial period. I am even considering the Walmart DIY cable (a.k.a 6moons WLM) just for fun (@ about $12)!

I appreciate the ideas posted above.

I have never used them, but hear good things about the Anti-Cables. Paul Speltz in MN has amassed a huge fan club of followers many of which are converts from super high end cable to his stuff - pretty much rav reviews all the way around. And if I am not mistaken the Super 8's are not bi-wire, so you only need one set - $100 bucks, 10 foot pair!

Others to consider that are close in your price range:
DH Labs Silver Sonic Q-10,
JPSLabs UltraConductor 2,
Both have a very good following, probably in the $200-$450 range depending on length.
Take a close look at Synergistic cables. The plug in thing bothers me and quantum tunneling sounds illegal, but I've stopped thinking about cables with SR. Organic, timbre, energy, is what I would say. statement is false... a used pair is still $200 more than his budget. And that assumes he only needs 2.5 meters and wants someone's old cables.

Those BC92 cables are actually $500 as well (new), but within his budget used. The Blue Circle BC91 are within his budget even new.

What cables does John Devore like? Why don't you email and ask him?
Give the Morrow Audio reference cable a shot
They are very neutral sounding cables that would work well with the Devores signature sound
Thanks again for the reality check Bowbow. The recent Devore + modwright pre + redwineaudio amp purchase does not leave the mega budget that one could use on cables. I will look for some used cables based on the suggestions. Ridecycle.... I already have anti-cables on my current system(guess I forgot to mention that) -e
Hello e,

First, thanks for choosing our speakers, I hope you enjoy your new system for many years.

As a rule we don't have specific component or cable recommendations, but I thought it was important to suggest that you make sure the speakers are fully burned-in before any decisions are make regarding cables. A minimum of 200 hours of normal play is recommended. The tonal balance will shift throughout the burn-in process, and this moving target will make it impossible to make any meaningful choices regarding your final set-up.

Cheers, and happy listening!
John DeVore
Awe man....not even a hint John?!

I already tried looking at your photo to see if it was obvious what cables you use in your living room. No luck. Seriously I think that the Anticables will work fine but will compare with other cable or two.

Funny that from your LR pic I saw a couple of things: I will also be using a 7.1 for center and have a very similar "acoustically neutral" coffee table but not the Nelson. Thanks for the reply....I will allow burn in before experimenting.
He's using Auditorium 23, dude.
Yeah it figures ORjazz. $900 for 8ft....too rich for me blood. I'd love to hear them though--actually I did when I demo'd my speakers. but I really want an A/B. My speakers are soundin great.
Abd funny how all the stuff that is ideal for Devores is dark green!
Theres a pair on the gon going for $450, I have these cables and they're worht the investment at full price.
Orjazzm I've responded to that ad selling the A23 cables for $450 twice, but with no response. I think its a stale ad and/or the seller's dissapeared.
Reality Cables was a great suggestion.
The Auditorium 23 cables in my system have been the best cables I have heard to date! Most natural sounding cables! Everything sounds so real and life-like! I especially like what it does to timbre, tone and decay of notes! I am glad I stumbled upon the Auditorium 23s.
The Super 8 is fantastic with Synergistic middle of the road cables but even better IMO with mid to high end Nordost cables. Since they are slightly laid back, or warm you don't have to be shy with electronics or cables that some see at tipped up.

Great speaker!
I also have the Auditorium 23 which is a great cable.
For my Niam gear the Naim NACA5 with Deltron banana plugs with a minimum of 12 feet length is a great match.
This combined with Synergistic Research pc's, ic,s has
provided a holographic sound stage with a nice timbre and

I liked the Naim NACA5 so much that it replaced my expensive
Stereovox speaker cable for my HT system. It is very cheep
and you can find a pair used for around $140.00. They do provided a nice musical tone with the DeVore super 8's.