Devore Silverback Refrence VS Egglestone Nines

Dear Friends,
Amplification is a Pure Class A Monoblocks XA.60.5 from Pass labs - Which one do you think is a good fit? audition is impossible if not difficult for me.
I have the Devore SIlverbacks for a few years now and I use Shindo mono blocks that are 70 watt mono amps. The speakers are really musical and detailed with great efficiency. They are very well made and are fairly easy to set up. If there is any negatives I would say they are a bit lean in the midrange .I do recommend them highly and with your class A amps they would sound great I believe . I know there is a pair for sale here that seems to be good value since they are 17 k speaker now .Good luck with your choice , sorry I couldn't give you any feedback about the Egglestones.
Rugby1 - Nevertheless Thank you for your insight which is very much valued.
I have not heard either of the speakers but want to comment about the The Nines speakers. I have friends whose ears I trust greatly and they like the Eggleston speakers a lot.

The thing about the Eggleston speakers that would interest me is that they use the Dynaudiio Esotar tweeter, which I like.

My speakers are Silverline Bolero which use all Dynaudio drivers, including the Esotar. It may be worth considering them too. I also know a professional audio reviewer who lives here and he uses Pass amplifiers for his reviews, and his personal speakers are Silverline LaFolias (the first generation that used the Esotar tweeter). I don't think you would make a mistake with either of the two speakers you are considering, but I also think the Boleros would match well too based on what I know about how well Alan Yun's speakers (Sivelrine) work with Pass amplifiers.