Devore Orangutan O/96 Resale Value

I have done a lot of searches for the bluebook value of a pair of Devore O/96s, but haven’t come up with much. Does anyone have an idea about what a pair of the O/96 Orangutans are worth? They are about 4 years old, walnut finish and 9/10 condition.

I am the first owner and know they are made to order and seem to be pretty scarce in the resell market.

The reason the sales prices are blocked on expired sales is so that you will pay for access to that information in the audiogon bluebook.
Thanks for the responses! 65% sounds right as the Devores are not mass produced and limited in number. And a fantastic speaker!

I tried using AudiogoN's Bluebook service, but there was no listing for the Devore Orangutan's O/96s. 
Hifishark shows list prices but most sales end up discounted 10-15%. 
Around 8k.

Devore holds up well resale-wise as dealers don't really discount.