Devore or Audio Note or other sensitive speakers: wanting to listen in Denver

I'm on the hunt for a sensitive speakers to play really nicely with my Quicksilver Mono 60 amps. I've heard some nice Spatial X3's here in Denver thanks to a local audiophile. I was especially taken by their AMT tweeters.

If you're in the Denver area and have Devore, Audio Note, Zu, Tekton, or any other speaker which has really worked well for your tube amps, please DM me. I would be deeply grateful for even  an hour of listening time. Thank you!


I didn't recognize any open baffle speakers on your original list, but if you're casting your net more widely, I'd vote for giving some a listen.

It's a distinctive presentation, but if you can give them lots of room to breathe, and an airy, holographic, soundstage you can "walk into" sounds appealing, you might like them a lot.

Since you mentioned GR in another thread, I'll say that I very happily lived with the 91db X-Statics for a year (while working away from home) using a modest 25wpc Napa hybrid amp.

I'm not sure what models to commend at a pricepoint comparable to, say the Devores (the X-Statics are much cheaper), although I know GR used to make more ambitious models, like the Super-V. (As a bonus, some OB models make comparatively easy builds, if you're into that.)


I just bought Tannoy Turnberrys and I will never go back to anything below 93db efficient.

@jdoris I spent 3 hours listening to the Spatial X3's the other day. Quite enveloping and lovely. I'm not sure I fully love that approach to sound, but it may merely be the foreign-ness of it, compared to my decades of listening to box speakers. 

One thing is for sure: a big, well made AMT tweeter is a magical contributor. 


can you broadly describe your room and the desired setup?

It is 26.5ft x 15.5 ft. x 7.75 ft. Normal rectangle with a couple window wells (it’s in a basement). I would be able to do whichever treatments, rugs, etc. seemed appropriate after choosing the right speakers to go with my 60wpc tube gear.

I’m not moved into the room yet. It was just created -- double drywall on ceilings with thicker drywall on walls and dedicated outlets and panel w/ surge suppressor at panel.


Agreed the OB experience is distinctive, and  and perhaps a bit disconcerting, if you're used to the punchiness of boxes, as I am.  (Ditto omnis and planars.)

The  X3s, unlike those Spatials,  are a hybrid design, with the bass drivers in a sealed box.  Maybe a good compromise?