Devore or Audio Note or other sensitive speakers: wanting to listen in Denver

I'm on the hunt for a sensitive speakers to play really nicely with my Quicksilver Mono 60 amps. I've heard some nice Spatial X3's here in Denver thanks to a local audiophile. I was especially taken by their AMT tweeters.

If you're in the Denver area and have Devore, Audio Note, Zu, Tekton, or any other speaker which has really worked well for your tube amps, please DM me. I would be deeply grateful for even  an hour of listening time. Thank you!


Drat, I was just going to say Devore, Zu (and probably some of the others) show at RMAF, right in your backyard, but I see RMAF is no more.  What a shame.


Can't help with the audition (would that I lived on the front range), but I'm very keen on Devore: lovely builds and sound, at sensible sizes, and John Devore is a nice guy.  Of what I've heard, I like the O93 and 096 better than the Nines, and think the 93 a good value, relative to the 96.

I also like Zu, both the company and speakers, though from what I've heard, they have a distinctive sound.  Aren't they a reasonable road trip from you?


My experience is with low-watt class A SS, not tubes, but you might also consider Daedalus (which I now own), and Vaughn (which I used to own).



@jdoris Thanks. I wish RMAF was going, too!

@jperry How is that link supposed to help me? Are you suggesting I have not searched the audio stores in my area or is there something buried in the Yelp link that I’m missing? Because I have been to the 4 fine audio stores listed and they do not have these brands and they do not have many options for very sensitive speakers -- such as the ones I listed. And that is why I am posting on a forum. Thanks for trying to help, though!

@hilde45 As you already know, Denver/front range isn’t where you will find an Audio Note or Devore dealer. To hear these two wonderful speaker brands in a dealer environment, you might consider a 1 day round trip flight to Chicago. From DIA to Chicago and back is cheap and easy. Mike Kay/Audio Archon in Chicago is a dealer for both Audio Note and Devore and last time I spoke with him he had O96’s, the Super Nines and AN-E SPE HE’s. Your next best bet might be to fly to LA where you have both a Devore dealer and an Audio Note dealer and of course there is always Pitch Perfect in Palm Springs for Devore. Bespoke in Salt Lake City used to be a dealer for Audio Note and may still have some speakers and he may be picking up Devore. Tyson is a great guy, he deals mostly in one on one Shindo based custom systems. He may also have Audio Research, Meitner, etc but he has the large Shindo field coils in the event you want to ruin your speaker quest for all time.


Which Devores and Audio Notes are you most interested in?