Devore O93 vs Super 9s

I am looking at Devore speakers as a replacement for my trusty but dusty Spendor SP1 speakers.  I wonder if anyone has had experience with the O 93s and Super 9s?  I have listened to the 93's several times and find them reminiscent of my Spendors but more dynamic.  They sound great when I hear them, but I find myself less excited about them when I go home.  Perhaps they are too similar to Spendor.  I have only heard the super 9s briefly and wonder if they might be a more exciting option.  I would welcome your  thoughts.
I have not heard the Super 9's. I have owned the O/93's for a year and a half and love them. Ownership bias aside, if you like them when you listen to them, why are you less excited when you get home? I will venture a guess that the wide front baffle and low depth doesn't float your boat. I can relate to that. I get over that every time I sit down to listen. The O/96's are a bit punchier but require a bigger room. Again, factor in my ownership bias, but the O/93's are IMHO a bit more refined and "of a whole cloth" than the O/96's. But you ask about the Super 9's. You need to find a Devore dealer and audition both. John Devore is an extremely talented speaker designer. You can't go wrong with either but only you can decide which best suits you and your room. Also, the O/93's in my system were radically different with different choices of speaker cable. Auditorium 23 and Cardas Clear sounded best to my ears. 
Yes, I wonder too why the excitement doesn't follow me home.  I have a great local dealer and I plan to eventually do a home demo.  By the way how big is your room?  My is 19 x 15 but is adjacent to more open space ( i.e. the kitchen- you know the old open modern design).  Wonder if the O93 or super 9 would fill it better.  Oh well, I shall figure it out.  The home demo will be interesting.  Also planning to home demo an Audio Note E.
Thanks for replying
O/93 owner — of five years — here. What is your amplifier and what were the amps used at the dealer? The O/93 makes amplifier differences more apparent than most speakers, in my experience. 
I don't recall what the dealer used recently: I believe it was Shindo preamp with a solid state amplifier ( don't recall the name).  I have a Leben which I have heard matches well with the Devore speakers.