Devore Nines or Zu Presence for large room

Moving to an apartment in NYC that has a 33x15 living room with tall ceilings. Which speaker would work better?
I bought the ZU Presence because I have 22' ceilings and needed a speaker to fill up the space.

The Zu has provided me with all that I will ever need in a speaker and more. It can be placed close to the back wall as the sub speakers fire forward. I was looking at the 9's and I felt that the Zu was a more dynamic speaker with a live sound to it. It is well packed for shipping and easy to drive. The deep base is to die for.

I think the red Presence on the Gon is a great deal as I got mine for 5K as a demo pair.

If you can make it to Destin FL. 25 degrees last night, you are welcome to come over for a listen.

If buying the Zu get the Equarack footers as it works wonders for this speaker.

You can email me off line if you want.
Glory, Thanks for the input.

What speaker did you get?
Don't know about Zoo but DeVore are made in Brooklyn. Let's support the neigbourhood. They sound good too.
You don't provide any valuable information why you might choose either speaker. What are your priorities and why have you landed on either of these?

My Nines had great tonal balance, timbre was top notch, and they were very easy to listen to. Also, and perhaps important to some, a good friend of mine is a luthier, and builds some really nice +$20k string instruments. He always asks me, throughout all my transitions....why did you get rid of those Devore speakers?

I've heard most of the Zu speakers and there is something about the cone design that I just can't handle. There is also a certain mechanical sound that never blends into the music. It's kind of like the tube vs. SS or digital vs. vinyl debates.

On the other hand the Zu speakers are really powerful, image extremely well and have dynamics like few others. It's all a balance but to me they seriously lack emotion.

You need to listen to them because you will be living with them.

I went with Audio Note AN-e with HE woofers. The deciding factors were slightly better dynamics as compared to IMO polite Devore Nines. Corner placement gets them out of the way ~ Wife apporved. Did not have a chance to hear ZU.


Great pick if you have coeners to put the AN speakers. I had them and you made a wise decision. Just don't put then on the Sh!ty AN stands.


Zu speakers you know nothing about. Set up with the right gear you will not hear a mechanical sound that never blends into the music. Zu speakers DO NOT image extremely well. Lack emotion? What were you feeding them to cause them to lack emotion? The polite and boring 9 falls into thar area.
I'm with Bjesien. I have auditioned and liked both, but there was something about the Devore 9's that was just right. It sounded natural, not as dynamic as the Zu, but I take that as an edge of colouration.
In the end, I went for Daedalus Da-RMas. They have all that the devore's have, but a lot cheaper and seem that bit faster and more dynamic. In the end, all 3 are great speakers and it comes down to your own preferences
When shopping for speakers a year ago I could have lived with Devore Nines for the strengths they possess which for me is a very natural detail retrieval, an inviting beautiful sound and they matched well with my 35 watt amp. The fact they are built a few miles from my apt was icing on the cake. The problem was that as wonderful as they sound I would always feel that I was wanting more dynamics than they were willing to give. When I heard the ANe's I did not hear as much detail retrieval as the Nines but what I did hear was a compelling musicality that I could not turn away from. I am not saying the ANE's blew the Nines away, not at all. ANe were simply a few degrees further in a direction I wanted to go. Truth is I could have lived with either speaker.