Devore Nines and amp match

I’m putting together a second system using a Primaluna Dialogue integrated (about 35 watts). I’m considering a used pair of Devore Nines (nominal impedance 8 ohms (5.6 ohms minimum), 91dB sensitivity).  I can’t find impedance / phase info on this speaker, but my goal is an easy load and to use the 8 ohm taps. 

Anyone have experience with this speaker with tube gear? I’ve read user comments in a few forums that these older Devore’s need a lot of current to really shine, and low power amps aren’t the best fit (contrary to their reputation). I figure 5.6 min is close to the edge anyway, and without phase angle info I’m leaning against them at the moment. 

Anyone have experience or opinion on this matching? Finding efficient tube friendly speakers is one difficult task. Gibbon X would be great...except they’re $16K so that’s not going to happen!

MY PL does a surprising job of powering difficult speakers (4 ohm, 3.5 min), and I’ve compared them using 100 W ss. With the tubes the bass had less impact...slower and not as well defined, and a pretty drastic reduction in sound stage (dynamic range was still good though).
Did you notice any of these type of problems using tubes?
Just because the Devores work well with amps of high output impedance, don't think that this somehow also means they can't be revealing. I would not blame the issue described above as anything about tubes vs solid state so much as the speaker simply reveals. There are tube amps that have more bass impact, are fast and very well defined, with plenty of soundstage.
I run Gibbon Xs with tubes - 75 watt ARC Ref 75SE. Excellent pairing and value on the used market.

Love my Devore nines! Currently enthralled with the Almarro A318B pairing, wonderful timbre and dynamics, midrange, bass you name it (and only 2 input tubes to roll!) Also have Leben (more than enough power in my room), and had elekit and line magnetic too as well as a FirstWatt F7 with these speakers. I prefer the tube magic on them with the Almarro currently number 1! I think you will be very happy, good luck.