Devore Gibbon Super 8 or AN AN/E or AN AN J/SE?

Hello, I am considering selling my ESL 57, which are driven by a Shindo Monbrison and EAR 890. The three speakers I have singled out are the Devore Gibbon Super 8, the Audio Note AN/E and the Audio Note AN J/Se. I have a slight inclination toward the AN/E based on the reviews I have seen. I hear they are the most dynamic of the three. But I would be curious to hear opinions by people who have experienced/compared such speakers. BTW, I have a fairly small room. Thanks.
If you buy the AN E/J speakers put them on Sistrum stands. You will never hear the full potential of the speakers on AN stands or the like.

If you want more info on AN E/J speakers E-mail me off line.
First of all all of the speakers you are considering are truly excellent. I own kit AN/Es and have previously owned the DeVore Super 8s. The DeVores are among the most musical, enjoyable speakers in existence at any price.

You are correct that the AN/Es are more dynamic - actually either Audio Note speaker is. As wonderful as the DeVores are, dynamics is not their strong suit IMO.

You are also correct that small rooms *can* be an issue with the AN/E, which is very extended and can put out a lot of bass.

IMO all these speakers are at their best with SETs. In a small room, a 2W 45 amp is plenty for the AN/Es. The DeVores are happy with a PX-25 or 300B, or even 2A3 in a small room.

Finally, 2nd the recommended on the Sistrum stands. They are excellent.
I guess this is going to be a little late BUT...I'm selling some Super 8s and in the market for some ESL 57's. Did you ever make the move?