Devore gibbon nines look for best amplification

hi everyone .
i looking for the best amplification for my gibbon nines speakers.
im really like to know if someone here heared them with conrad johnson ? and what he think ?
rouge audio ?
and leben?
what is the best comb pre power or integreted? my budget is max 4000$ for used only. any recommendetion please ??
I have lived with the Devore Nines for over a year now and have been absolutely in love with them.

I heard them in the audition process with Manley, Shindo and one other tube amp which I have forgotten.

I drive them now with a Rogue Stereo 90, super magnum edition. I went from Thiels driven by a Rogue Zeus. Since I was making a big jump to the Devores, I decided to stay with Rogue at first since I was familiar with the sound and extremely happy with the people behind the product. I wanted to get the new speakers in my room and settle in with the option to changes amps -- and have options when making that choice later on.

The Devores Nines are absolutely marvelous speakers, having the ability to get the snap and punch of music "just about exactly perfect." All the detail from top to bottom is there, but none of it obscures the music itself.

I've had fun rolling all sorts of power tubes in and out of the Stereo 90 over the past months, and through it all the Devores shined.

Any of the amps you have listed above should do well to get you started. I'm interested in checking out more than just low-powered tubes or SETs with the Devores. I'm curious about a Pass amp or LFD.

For now, though, I'm happy to stay put for a bit. I think I've bought more new music since I've had the Devores in hand than in the last five years or so combined. That's probably the best sign of a great speaker.
thanks my friend im enjoy my devore nines too.
but i was sell my cary sli80 integreted amp beacause in the low frequence it was little spread ,i mean the bass
and now i know its because the aqustic in my living room is terrible reinforced concrete.
now i replace my cary sli80 with nuforce 9v2 monoblocks (digital amp),because i wanted more control on my speakers and now i use my cd has preamo lol, now i must search for agood comb with my nuforce. or maybe to sell them and buy power tubes amp .

but i like to know for sure what is more good comb with my nuforce the EAR834L OR CONRAD JOHNSON PV12 OR MANLEY OR ROGUE ?
Hi, as an alernative I would also consider the YBA Design amp which is not expensive...I have the Nines and run them with YBA Passion Integre, a fantastic amp that was clearly superior in my room even to far more expensive Shindo pre-power combinations.

Unfortunately YBA is not in operation any more but the YBA Design brand apparently is. The sound of the YBA Design is warm and full bodied with good detail and refinement. I have the amp in a second system, and whilst it is not as good as the more expensive YBA Passion Integre, it is still an excellent match for the amazing Nines.

Good luck!
hi defstathiou.
you compare this integreted of yba to pre+ power like company : ear conrad johoson manley ,leben integreted cs600
are you sure its sound the best from all this list with the devore nines ??
and what model of yba you mean ?
where i can find it here ?
i live in israel and the dealer here sales YBA passion 100 or 200 or 300 ,did you mean to this model because its coast in israel 4800$