Devore Gibbon 88 vs. Devore Nines

Has anyone here had a chance to listen to the new Devore Gibbon 88s? If so, how do they compare to the Devore Nines (particularly on the low end)?
I heard the Gibbon 88's at RMAF and have auditioned the 9's in my system. They are both great speakers. Comparison is difficult because I haven't heard them in the same system. I would call your nearest dealer. John DeVore is also a very approachable guy and sometimes posts here.
Devore is coming out with the Gibbon 99 ( in about 2 months) as the next gen of the Nines with better freq resp than the 88's FWIW.
Curious to know if anyone else has been able to compare these two speakers. Specifically, I'd like to know how the two compare with regard to bass weight and dynamics.