Devialet Phantom Elevate vs KEF LS50 Wireless + SVS SB-13 ultra subwoofer

OK, so here's the predicament that I am stuck in. I recently downsized my big rig and have one SB-13 leftover (had dual) I'm moving to a space with a smaller living room. Which is the preferable choice sound wise? The Phantoms or the LS50W+SB13?

My guess is that the LS50W+SB13 would take the win on this in most areas, but the phantoms are less space-intrusive and are arguably cooler looking. Is this the general consensus or do we think otherwise? before you mention it, the phantom golds aren't really in the budget, I wish they were, but money doesn't grow on trees!

My previous system was Mac Mini > Peachtree Nova125 > Sonus Faber Venere 3.0 > Dual SVS SB-13
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I'd say hands down the LS50's will be the better overall sound choice.

But the Devialet is one seriously cool piece of hardware.  You would probably also not need a sub with it depending on which model you go with? 

Convenience vs cool factor vs sound quality etc etc.

But that Devialet Gold Phantom.  Plays down to 14hz and 4500 peak watts!  Craziness. 
Yeah, I had a pair of gold phantoms before and they were very good but a bit too much money.

I would be buying a pair of Phantom Elevate, they are rated at 1100 watts, 101db and 16hz
Since you had the golds before, how would you rate the gold phantoms for refinement, resolution and bass quality compared to other active speakers in the $8 to $20k range?

Only active speakers I have heard extensively, were the AvantGarde Zeros.  While they played loud and were dynamic, they gave up a lot of refinement and resolution compared to AVs' larger conventionally powered Duo line.

Specs look great on the Gold, but i don't want to give up a lot in terms of resolution and refinement.
Hi mallen:

Sorry for being 6 months late on the response here, I haven't been active on the boards.

The Phantom Golds are excellent speakers, and for about $8,000 all in they are hard to beat around their price range. Keep in mind however, that when you purchase them, you are also getting preamp/amp/DAC/DSP along with it, as well as the ability to have minimal cabling. I think that's where the speaker really shines.

Despite what some people may have you believe, the Phantom Gold will not compare favorably to an excellent $20k speaker, Revel Ultima Salon2 comes to mind, in terms of treble or mid-range, it may potentially compete in bass, however. Remember that if you have a $20k speaker, you probably have a $50k system all together, so 8k vs 50k is a pretty significant difference. The Phantom Gold is highly dynamic and very detailed, but it's biggest deficiency is realism in the mid-range. My guess is due to the fairy small surface area of the mid-range drivers. The Revels can make you believe that Chris Stapleton is singing in your room, and they can do it everytime. The Phantoms won't get you in the same realm. Where they are really excellent is EDM, pop, hip-hop, fun etc; blasphemy I know, but these types of music require less mid-range realism and more dynamics, timing and low-end.

Phantoms are the speakers you want when you just need a foot-tapping good time without any hassle, (another speaker that comes to mind with this quality is the Tekton Pendragon) as opposed to sitting in your listening chair with a pour of your favorite single-malt and having a critical listening session with some more refined listening material, which for me would be better fulfilled by a planar-magnetic or electrostat.