Devialet. Long term satisfaction?


I am interested in Devialet integrated amps. Lots of great reviews, but would like to hear from actual owner experiences.

1)Did the Devialet perform well in your system.

2)Once the wow factor of how clean and detailed the amp sounded, did you get musical satisfaction.

3)Could you detail what components the Devialet replaced?

4)Anyone gone back to conventional amp after Devialet?

Thanks for any info
Happy owner still after 6 months. D400 owner. I've owned many high end amps including para sound JCs, Bryston 4bsst2, wyred4sound, Conrad johnson, Cary, and many more. Devialet beats them all and has eliminated my desire to constantly box swap. Get one. Unbeatable IMO.
Bought a D170 when they first came out. Finally a Devialet that I could afford.
That was almost 2 years ago. It replaced a Primare i30 - chalk and cheese.
Still providing plenty of "wow" moments.
My now D200 ain't going nowhere - it's a keeper.
Problems? AIR is not so great in my system. I don't use it. But I can't blame the D, as my wireless network is not up to the standard required.
Also, one of the feet came adrift from the chassis. Fixed promptly under warranty. This was probably my fault as I was sliding the D forward to alter the connections. Don't slide it - instead lift it up (not heavy) and preposition.
looks like you are a big fan of Leica cameras? I'm into photography too & use a Nikon (seemed to prefer it over the equivalent Canon). Leica cameras are superb but also pricey....Do you have a Flickr page where you upload your photos?

My brother was trying out the D400 model to see how it sounds & whether or not he could recommend the same to his friends (my brother seems to prefer tubes himself). Will have to ask him his opinion on this matter the next time i speak with him.
Jaxwired - in your Youtube videos I see that you have owned both the NAD M2 and Devialet 200. I am considering both. Do you consider the Devialet far superior and worth the extra 3.5K?
Just bought the Devialet Expert Pro 1000.  I can only say wow.  Addicting to say the least.  Setup is a Mac Mini...Pure Music...Berkeley Alpha Reference Maggie 20.7's.  Can't imagine it sounding much better ever at this 
point.    K
If you audition the Magtech, the deviate will go up for sale within the end of the first week.  It's that good!

heard class d devialet, and any good a/b amp sounds so much better, and saves you a ton of cash, downgrading to a class d amp..

try it, you will be a believer. 
Have haven't heard the Devialet but I do have both a Wadia Intuition since it first came out and now a Comet/Ion which are both considered class D amps and I could easily trade in my Intuition for another Comet/Ion.  The Comet/Ion has an incredible musicality that you can't help but notice the very first few notes/bars of music.  The Comet/Ion unlike the Intuition leaves you wanting to hear more and more and then everything else is just mediocre but don't take my word for it do yourself a favor and audition one of these rigs before you buy any other Class D SS Power DAC.  This has been the single best investment I have made bar none in my attempt to hear live music in my home and at less than $5K, it is truly a bargain.  For a detailed review of the Comet/Ion check Dagogo.

Devialet is Class A/D (Hybrid) NOT Class D.