Devialet Expert 220 Pro Power Cable - 220v vs 120v not same power output!?

TLDR; My Devialet Expert 220 Pro came with a 220v power cable, I bought a 120v power cable (Shunyata Venom 14 Power Cord) and to get the same volume I have to crank the system power output way higher. Faulty cable or something I could be missing?

Full story:

I recently got a 220 from a seller on here, came with a 220v cable which for me living in the US was not ideal. I had it plugged into a large power transformer and it worked wonderfully, but not wanting to have to do this all the time I picked up a Shunyata Venom 14 Power Cord – 5'. But for some reason it's incredibly weak compared to the other way I was daisy chaining. 

With the power transformer I would say music would be at an uncomfortable loud volume around the -25 to -20DB point. When I plugged the Shunyata Venom 14 Power Cord in, at first I thought something was wrong as I heard nothing, so I played with the volume switch and pushed it to around -5DB before it became pleasantly audible, but to hit the same sound I was getting with the other 220v cable I had to put it at +10-+15. So I switched back to the other cable + power transformer and all back to normal. 

The cables were going from the wall through an extension to another extension. The transformer plugged in herre and then the speaker was plugged into the transformer. With the new 120v Shunyata I plugged this directly into the extension. I do need to test this plugged directly to the wall to see if that changes anything but what I would like to know is does this power cable just suck, or possibly defective?
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Make sure your amp is designed to auto-sense incoming voltage. It's quite possible it is set for 220V internally and there's a jumper you must adjust.