devialet amps questions

for the devialet amp users out there,

How's the streaming function of their amps? is the app user friendly?  any lags?

Also, what's your thought on the new series vs previous ones.  I have the option to buy the new expert pro 130, vs the expert 200 or 400.

much appreciated
Your best bet for all things Devialet is - there's a TON of info there.

You'll find the streaming is via Devialet's own app than runs on iOS, OSX or Windows, TIDAL or ROON will then output to that and then that to the Expert.  Over wifi very much depends on the quality of your local network.  Ethernet is robust and both sound better than USB.

The new Expert Pro is a little more resolving and detailed though there's nothing at all wrong with any of the original models.  Upgrading a used 120 to Pro level may the best bargain out there at the moment.

You'll find the sound truly reference level in ALL respects.  Which ever you choose you'll have to spend many multiples more to even equal the sound.  There's very little out there that compares with the form factor or the feature set.

Set up with super easy via the Devialet configurator online and almost everything can be adjusted right down to main and sub integration.