Devialet 200 v Hegel H360

Interested in upgrading my integrated, I stream a lot of my music and narrowed it down to these two integrated. I have Kef R300 speakers, oppo 105 and currently powered by Hegel H80. I have Straightwire cable all around. Integrated doesn't have to be AirPlay as long as I can use USB and Ethernet. Hegel 80 is a sweer amp just need more power and also an integrated that will last for a long time if I look to upgrade speakers further down the line

please any other suggestions I'm open to 

Thanks in advance for your help
I run a Devialet, LS50 and Straightwire Special Pro speaker cables. I am 38 years old, and have been in this hobby since 7th grade. I have never in my life experienced anything like the synergy that this current system has. I have done tubes, solid state, single ended, push pull, horns, panels, huge solid state monoblocks, studio monitors, big dynamic speakers etc. I have run the gamut and am currently near nirvana like never before, and with 4 total compnents, two of which are speakers! I am not an expert on Hegel, and it is certainly well regarded, but I just cant imagine that is has a teaspoons worth of technological advantage over the Devialet. Devialet is an absolute game changer in my opinion.

The Devialet is one of the best measuring amplifiers of all time. ADH technology is truly innovative. Distortion and noise are nearly zero. Dampening factor is off the charts. Build quality is exceptional, the remote is exceptional. It is ipod/ipad/android controllable and infinitely customizable through a web interface. (Go online and play with the configuration tool) The web customizer is a 1000 word essay on its own. Everything down to power output and buttons on the remote can be configured.

The Devialet incorporates the best mm/mc phono stage that I have ever heard, and settings are done by simply selecting the brand and model cartridge that you have. For example I select a Rega exact 2, and while I still have the option to tweak capacitance and everything else, it is essentially set and forget. Additionally, the unit is loaded with a dozen different RIAA eq curves. If you are listening to a 1955 Telefunken record, you can actually change from a standard 1976 RIAA curve to the one that the record was specifically made for. Same with RCA, Esoteric, whatever. This is unheard of functionality.

The same concept extends to your speakers. You will configure the Devialet for your r300s, and the now have correction done on the time domain, and another 10-20hz of bass extension. All of this is completely adjustable, while also being set and forget. This is a concept taken from active speaker designs and is phenomenal and just about unprecedented. The r300 has been measured by Devialet and is compatible. The Hegel doesn’t even try to compete with this, and for this reason alone it is no contest between the two in my opinion.

The volume control is proprietary 40 bit, so even DSD can be steeply attenuated with no loss of resolution, zero noise. The unit also incorporates a wireless async protocol to stream directly from your pc. This will handle all formats including DSD and it sounds better than a USB connection.

The sound is likely nothing I have ever experienced. Natural and organic but with supreme transparency and incredible resolution. Forget about tubes vs solid state, it all goes out the window when you hear sound reproduced like this. Attack, punch, finesse, air, space, emotion, it doesn’t end. You get downright frightening levels of realism.

Ultimately someone may choose something else over the Devialet, but given the truly disruptive and shocking levels of technology integrated into these stunning units, you must at least hear it before making a decision.

Plus with the 200, you have an upgrade path of adding another 200 down the road and going dual mono as a 400 which carries none of the baggage of conventional bridging, and ups the game even greater.

Be aware that the new Pro models are near release. Wait for them, or get a deal on a 120, 200, 250, etc.

Hi Rob,

Firstly thank you so much for taking the time to write everything. Certainly intrigued about the Devialet and will have to demo. 

Thanks again,