Deuvel or MBL

I am converting an unsed bedroom to a secondary music room for casual listening when I don't have my main system fired up in another part of the house. The bedroom is 10'W x 13'L x 8'H. This is a mid-fi system, I not looking to invest as I have in the mainsystem. I am looking at omni directional speakers, specifically the Deuvel Jupiter (used), Deuvel Venus (used too) or a used pair of MBL 121s which I have seen a few times at prices below $5K. I'd like to also drive the speakers with tube integrated amplification.

Has anyone heard any of these speakers and do you feel they will work in this diminutive space to listen to jazz and world music?. And if you have suggestions on tube amplification, I'd be appreciative for these thoughts as well.
Casual listening at that price level,must be nice.We should all be so lucky.Good luck with your search.
That is a poor idea for a tiny room - omni speakers need breathing space behind them and to each side.
The 121 need more power than you may think. Feed them at least 400wpc into 4ohms. The Duevel need less, but omni's only work well in a larger room as was mentioned before. In a small room, I would be looking at a good monitor speaker. I thought the tweeter was too hot in the 121 also. I had them for a while and was disappointed. I liked the larger ones better....but more $$$. The Duevel is good, but a hot spot in the top keeps me questioning them until I her them with more amplification sources. Jallen
Smaller Ohms like the MWT might be a good omni chice for your space. I use the larger 100s which would probably be a tight fit in those dimensions. I don't have direct experience with the MWT, so I'm just guessing here. There's a large thread on the speaker that you might want to look at.

agree with martykl.
I have OHM 100 series 3 speakers in a 12X12 room and these work exremely well there. SMaller OHM MWTs or 1000s would als likely work well.

OHMs use a wide range omni driver but are physically attentuated in the wall facing directions which make them easier to place near walls. That is advantageous in a small room compared to full omnis, I would think.