Deutsche Grammophon Beethoven Bicentennial Collect

I inherited this collection from my brother and never listen to it. There are 12 volumns. Does anyone have any idea how much they might be worth or how I would go about finding a buyer who would enjoy them? Thanks. Kate
Sorry, not worth much. If you need some Beethoven might be worth keeping. The DG set of Beethoven symphonies to have is the early 60's box set with DG tulips, with Berlin and Von Karajan.
Agree, almost ANY classical music is pretty much fifty cents a record. And that set was pretty common.
You could just put it up for auction here on AudiogoN and have no reserve. Start at fifty bucks. I think it could sell... and if the indications are right, it could get a hundred bucks. on a good day. I know it must be like a hundred LPs.. but that is what classical music is worth. (though you never know... two classical crazies could go at it and bump it up to????) all you can do is try. AND, I have to say, this site Audiogon, is the most likely place for a bidding war to happen.
PS: you MUST be certain of the quality before selling. Check some/all of the LPs in sunlight. They MUST be perfect. NO scratches, no fingerprints all over. IF they look like brand new in sunlight, without a single mark, mention this in the auction, it will raise the value a great deal. If you 'fib' and the records are even a tiny bit messed up the buyer will raise hell over it.
In general, if the records are not perfect, the value PLUMMETS.. Even one tiny mark is 50% less value.
(The best ones to check if you do not want to check them all are" Fifth symphony, the 6th symphony. The 9th symphony, The fifth piano concerto, The middle string Quartets. Some of the Piano sonatas... these are the most likely to have been played a lot)