Destat CDS

Anyone use the Furutech Destat 11 for cd's?
Yes. What is your question. In general I use it out of habit but really don't think it makes a major difference in sound
Thank you -I have the Furutech RD-2 and I don't hear any
improvement from that $400 device.
Thanks for your feedback
Cannot speak for the Furutech Destat, I use the Bedini and it works. I've done double blind tests with friends who are far from audiophiles and they confirm improvement. I've simply used two identical CDs, one treated and one not and switched them out randomly.

It is not a placebo effect.
There was a very recent thread on this subject. You might want to do a search. There were those who found it useful and those who heard no difference. Almarg had a very plausible explanation for the different responses to the destat. As for me, I hear no difference.
I used to use an Audio Revive demagnetizer. I sold it off once I started putting CDs on top of a Schumann resonance device for about 10 seconds before playing. No comparison.
If you check the website of Mapleshade Records or Machina Dynamica then the holistic approach to optimizing CD playback is presented. No single action or gadget does everything, but even one product can make an audible difference. The "jaw dropping" magnitude of benefit most easily heard when a number of ideas are combined.
A bit time consuming to achieve, but rewarding.
Celtic, did 2 identical CDs sound the same from the beginning before destat?
Make sure that catalog and UPC numbers match...
Sabai, are you saying that putting the CD on top of the Schumann device rendered better results than using the Acoustic Revive RD-3 on both sides of the CD?? I'm curious which Schumann device your using?

Yes, that's correct. In fact, a maker of Schumann devices suggested I try this. And he was right. You might want to give it a try yourself. I just put one side on top of the Schumann -- either side. But I will try both sides to see if this makes a difference. To do the A/B with the Acoustic Revive I used 2 copies of the same CD. No contest in favor of the Schumann.

I have 2 kinds of Schumanns. The SW1 used to be sold on Audiogon. I have 6. The second is a version of Schumanns with the Chartres coil. I have 2 of an earlier model and 2 of the latest model. I may start to market them. So, I don't want to give away too much at this point.
What is the Schumann device?
thank you

Check out Acoustic Revive's website (RR-777/888) or go to the Kemp Elektroniks and read about their SR Plug. I feel that the Schumann Resonance concept is the most intriguing tweak to come along in the last 10-15 years.

Please Google this for detailed information.