Desperately whatever cost........

I have been trying to find a certain cd by Ian Gomm - Summer Holiday/Gomm with the Wind - Does anyone have any idea where I could locate one - or even better, does anyone have one for sale? I would take an album or cdr and of course, the original cd
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I just found you an LP copy for $3.00, here is the link:

You may also search this site for other formats.
Albert, you didn't even charge Mlawitm a finders fee! I have many of the rarest cds and I couldn't come up with a copy. Maybe you know where that elusive Frank Zappa two discs on one cd combo of "Ship Arriving To Late / Man From Utopia" is. I'll pay.
I, too, checked the same site as Albert and found 4 Lp's and 3 CD's of the same title, the info of which I e-mailed to Mlawitm. Mlawitm subsequently said he couldn't access the site. I've never had such trouble. Anyone else?
Thanks for the responses! 4yanx - I was able to access the site after I pasted the link. Thanks! I have ordered the cd from and can't wait to get it.
Once again, Audiogoners have been a great resource.
Happy New Year Everyone