Desperately needed quality amp stands!!

Hi Goners!

I apologize if i have submitted this under the wrong heading but i really would like help in finding "the best" audio amplifier stand...
I have large and heavy ss amps  and would like to get them off the floor!...:-)
Glass,granite,palmers etc. have no sonic validity to me so i have settled on looking for a hard wood with perhaps an isolated substrate of some sound /vibration c cancelling properties.
lastly i would need quality heavy duty spikes as the amps now sit on a carpet with upgraded pad on top of Limestone flooring with a cement subfloor...

Thanks to all who decide to help me...

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You can try or

Both are wood and very well made. The Timbernation amp stands might be the cost effective way to go but the quality is there nonetheless.

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Sound Anchors in Palm Bay, FL make excellent amp stands that can be filled with lead shot to make them even more inert for a very fair price.

If you want to isolate the amp from the floor (and why wouldn't you?!), and aren't adverse to a very slight amount of DIY, the following will make a great amp stand:

1- Buy a sheet of 3/4" Baltic Birch plywood, and have the supplier (a small independent lumber retailer) cut you two 18" or so square pieces. Install three spikes in the bottom of one of them and set in on the floor.

2- Buy a small bicycle inner tube and very, very slightly inflate it. Set it on top of the plywood. The inner tube should be as close as possible in diameter to the plywood, but no greater than.

3- Set the other piece of plywood on top of the inner tube.

4- Buy a set of  three roller bearings and place them in an equilateral triangle on the top piece of plywood.

5- Set your amp on top of the roller bearings. The pressure in the inner tube should be as low as possible, just enough to lift the top plywood plank off the bottom one.

You now have isolation in all three planes (lateral, vertical, rotational) down to about 3Hz, lower than all but the best and most expensive isolation platforms (made for electron microscopes and such, and costing $2,000-$3,000) available, and for less than $300.

audioadvisor had some great stands on sale for under $100
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We make custom ones any size you'd like, typically 2 x 2 welded steel piping, sand filled,  then a hardwood plate typically 2" thick mounted to that frame with compressor vibration dampers, works like a charm.

You can check my systems page for how they look, the ones pictured there are double decker ones, SS amp on bottom shelf, Tubed amps on top. 

Good Listening

Starsound Sistrum has many price points and are super

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Check out in Toronto Canada

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Google it....lots of info
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Just bought a stand from Audio Vault USA.  Love it. They also sell a Amp stand that (after I save a few more dollars) I will buy two of in the next two months.  I added the link so you can look at
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My preference would be critical mass and star sound stands.
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Don’t overlook those nice big super thick 18x18 blue stone slabs they sell at Home Depot. Spike them to the floor for superb sonic results. Blue Stone is much stiffer than wood ever thought of being and won’t bend under stress of seismic bending forces. Even better, mount the whole business - amps and slab - on Super Stiff Springs. Hint, hint. Don’t be put off by stories of granite or blue stone ringing as it depends on the thickness as to how the material reacts to external forces. If granite rings when you strike it with a hammer just don’t strike it with a hammer whilst music is playing.
Don't know if you are still looking but the latest Star Sound Technology
Rhythm platform is the most amazing platform I've heard in 40 years.

Star Sound. I have Sistrum stands under my amps. Like 'em.
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Symposium Ultra Stealth amp stand is the best  might be too expensive for you dude!!