Desperate for Part for Onkyo AV controller

Hi, thanks for reading.  I've got a customer with an Onkyo AV Controller PR-SC 885.  It needs a new processor board.  Onkyo's factory repair center in New Jersey says the part doesn't exist any more.  I'm looking for
part no.1B170514-1A-P223A2

Please help if you can.

Thank you, 
Steve Palmieri
there's on on ebay right now well the whole unit but its bid is only $150 
Hi. If my memory serves me correctly, I used to use one of these, I moved on to the later model 9.2 channel and then to an Integra (Onkyo) DHC 80.2. I now use a Marantz unit the Integra having failed.
When I first got the 885 (used) I was looking for information on getting the best from it and found a Forum which was dedicated to AV systems, the talk at the time (about 2014 I think) was that the Onkyo av pre-amps had an Achilles Heel which resulted in the failure of one of the circuit boards, and would result in multiple failures i.e. after in warranty repair the same fault would occur. Also at the time I understood that Onkyo were selling refurbished units with discounts/warranty cover. Even these units were developing the same fault. My understanding of the reports was that there was a fault in the design/implementation of the HDMI section (board) that rendered it subject to failure. I never had any problems with either of the units I owned, and I realise that I am simply reporting other users experiences. The Integra is, I believe, a slightly re-styled Onkyo with, essentially, the same inner build. To me the only significant difference being the lack of an On/Off switch meaning that the onkyo could be left un-powered whereas the Integra has only On or Standby. I used the Integra for several years with no problems, moved house and found that I no longer used it as much, after a prolonged period in standby mode the unit failed, the HDMI (in and out) is fine but the audio section is dead. I recently got back onto the AV Forum and read a post from an Integra user who had effected a (possibly not the same fault) repair by replacing a (the if there’s only one) 40 pin ribbon cable between boards needing, at the same time, to clean up the connection points. I have downloaded the schematics for the Integra just in case I am able to find someone to have a look at it.
Hifi Sharks shows 4 of the units currently on eBay in the US/Canada, with prices at $130 and up. One (the most expensive) has a fault that sounds like it could be afflicted by the fault as above, the main HDMI out has failed but the aux HDMI out is OK.
Sorry for the long post, but it might help you (or your customer) to establish whether a repair is viable especially if you offer a repair warranty as standard.
Good luck.