Desktop Tubes

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I’m feeling restless and want to redo my desktop setup. What do you recommend in the way of tubes and speakers? I’m thinking of the elusive audiophile bargain (so likely used). I’m intrigued by the Tecon “55,” Miniwatt, Glow Amp One or Jolida FX10. Would be happy with a well regarded kit or modding. At the moment I need an amp to plug my iPod into but I like the future flexibility of a built-in DAC. I have spare speakers so I just need thoughts on what people recommend to go with the amp – again I wouldn’t mind a project building something.

I was in the exact same place 3 or 4 months ago; and found a great solution. It's a very versatile DAC/Pre-amp combo. It has an iPod input and serves as a headphone amp too. Plus it's $200 direct from China. Got it off EBay. I swapped out the stock tube for 5-star GE 5751, upgraded the PC, and using some decent I/C's (Blue Jeans). It's in my office and all I gotta say is "sweeeeet". Do a Google search on 'Maverick Audio DAC'. They also got a little thread going in another forum (it should show up in the search results). Good luck and happy listening.
.... forgot to mention USB capability to PC. I'm using Kimber USB cable ($50) with great results.
I have the Jolida FX10 and am really impressed with it. It's driving a pair of JohnBlue JB3 speakers and in a nearfield desktop situation the combination is pretty spectacular.

My setup is still in transition. I'm using a Nuforce Icon amp as a DAC between the MacBook Pro and the FX10 but will probably get a dedicated DAC eventually. I have the Nuforce W-1 subwoofer in the setup, as well.

I highly recommend both the FX10 and the JohnBlue speakers.
Peachtree Audio iDecco: great DAC, all digital iPod dock, tubed pre-amp, 40 watt amplifier... All in one tidy package. I love mine.
The Maverick looks really interesting but I'm looking for an amp to drive speakers. The Jolida is certainly a possibility. Are there any reviews comparing it to the Tecon 55 or Glow One? My take on reading the reviews on the Glow One is that it really should be better than it is.

Has anyone tried the Tecon "55?" And any other speakers anyone really likes at a price somewhat at the same level as the amp?
Peter, I'd recommend the Roth Audio MC4. I have tried Fatman Carbon and similar variants but the Roth blew me away. The MC4 is a hybrid design and uses four tube complements and MOSFETs, outputs 13Wx2. Am assuming you're listening to no less than lossless files which is a must to truly appreciate the reproduction.
Hello, I got a Tecon Model 55 a month ago and am very happy with the amp. I have tried it driving my main speakers, Meadowlark Ospreys, and in my office/computer room driving old large Advents. I does a nice job with both. I normally biamp the meadowlarks with Quicksilver 60wpc amps, using a Promitheus TVC. The main difference with the Tecon is the bass is not quite as defined, quite full though and on orchestral recordings, the sound is a little stressed in forte passages. With jazz, rock, acoustic recordings, the sound is quite full. Not as clear overall as through the Quicksilvers and TVC, but by no means muddy. In the office I have the Tecon running with the USB out of my computer. The onboard DAC is quite decent, sounds good with utube, digital downloaded files, internet radio stations. I sometimes turn it all the way up with space/ambient type music, no distortion noted, deep bass and pink noise simultaneously! And neither of the speakers I've used are particularly efficient. The Tecon 55 is a very good deal, nicely put together in my opinion. I'm also fooling around with the MiniWatt S1, 2.5 wpc! Cheaper than the Tecon, very clean sounding amp! I just need to get some efficient speakers. There are reviews of both out there!