Desktop Speakers - New Tannoy Golds versus Adam, Vanatoo etc

Looking to buy some new desktop speakers for a smallish desk in my office.  I have a calyx coffee dac.

Just wondering if anyone has experienced the new Tannoy Gold desktop monitors:

The Vanatoo transparent zero speakers are also highly reviewed.  I've also heard good things about Adam audio.  Budget is around $300-400.  Not interested in audioengine.

If anyone has got some suggestions it would be highly appreciated.  I will mostly be streaming bbc radio 6 and electronic dj mixes so some deep bass wouldn't go a miss.

Appreciate your time,
I bought a psb subseries 100 to augment a desktop system.  It's  tiny and fits behind one of my monitors on my desk.  It's not really a sub in that it only goes down to about 40hz but it adds a lot to that little system.  If I were you I'd buy whatever speakers sound best without regard to bass extension and plan on buying one of these or something similar down the line.  I don't think you'll ever be satisfied listening to electronic bass on little desktop two ways.
If you do follow through with a purchase of the Vanatoo speakers read up on the multitude of available adjustments including how to deactivate the compressors.  These are activated at the factory to protect the speakers from being overdriven by enthusiastic individuals.  Easy to turn off and if you don’t plan on turning them up to “eleven” they will perform at their best.

I have AirPulse A200. They ae very good with invisible midrange and all the top end air a lad could want. I do use them with an outboard DAC and subwoofy. They sound good via BluTeeth but I prefer the wired connection.