Desktop Speakers - New Tannoy Golds versus Adam, Vanatoo etc

Looking to buy some new desktop speakers for a smallish desk in my office.  I have a calyx coffee dac.

Just wondering if anyone has experienced the new Tannoy Gold desktop monitors:

The Vanatoo transparent zero speakers are also highly reviewed.  I've also heard good things about Adam audio.  Budget is around $300-400.  Not interested in audioengine.

If anyone has got some suggestions it would be highly appreciated.  I will mostly be streaming bbc radio 6 and electronic dj mixes so some deep bass wouldn't go a miss.

Appreciate your time,

another path could be to pick up a pre used Receiver/INT and a pr of bookshelfs. might gain more range and some versatility for more sources.

that's the avenue i'm pursuing. using what's on hand to bolster the PC Desktop audio.

my issue is getting the link to connect PC to Receiver. via network or WY FY rather than run a long USBcable to my DAC.

good luck.
Thanks for the replies, yes definitely active is the  way to go for my small desk.   I might take a trip to guitar center and listen to the Adam T5V.  Please pitch in if anyone has compared the above, cheers
Thanks for replies, quarantine is stopping auditioning unfortunately!  Will probably pull the trigger on a pair of Vanatoo's.  The other brand that appealed to me is Eve Audio, but they are expensive here $649.  Dumb question, but if purchased from the UK would you need a voltage converter to use in USA?   Wondering if you get away with a power pack

Cheers, stay safe and enjoy the hi-fi.  Crazy times.
Hmmm - Not much support for Tannoy so far - so I'll just say...

I have been a fan of Tannoy for a very long while - I've auditioned a few of their models and always found them to be very nice.

I've recommended models with the dual concentric drivers to a couple of people that still have them and are very satisfied.

Personally - I purchased a complete set (front, centre and rear) of their Fusion model for my A/V surround system and still have them after 16 years and they still sound every bit as good as they day I purchased them

I find the smaller Tannoy very musical and smooth, without the brightness sometimes experience from other brands

Alas - I have not heard the Gold, but Tannoy seldom releases a product without a lot of testing.

Tannoy have been making speakers for a very long while, so I trust their products - the Dual concentric design produces vert clear music with exceptional imaging

Hope that helps
check out AirPulse (part of Edifier) .. ribbon tweeters and absolutely invisible midrange. A200 or A300.. a bit pricier though... or if you wanna go cheap I was shocked at how good the Edifier line is.. look at their better offerings with the features you need

I have the A200 model 1..