Desktop Speakers for 10 wpc 300B Integrated

I'm planning to create a great desktop system using my Mac as a file source, a USB dac and a 10WPC single ended 300B based integrated.
Speakers will really sit on my desktop. I listen to classic rock, singer songwrighters, classical, and a smattering of other genre.
Midrange magic is priority, but would like moderate bass articulation.

Any thoughts for a great speaker match for this application?

Budget....under $2500 new or used.
Talk to Louis from Omega or Eric from Tekton. Both guys make great speakers. They can also build custom speakers for your specific needs.

If you or someone you know can do basic DIY (very basic in this instance), get curved ready cabinets and hardware at Partsexpress then driver of your choice - for smaller cabs I would go with Jordan, Mark Audio or one of Fostex drivers. For larger cabs - exotic Seas would be nice.

The new ZU Omen Bookshelf speaker, I think would work well with your amp. It is 12" square, 18" tall if you have the room. Price starts at 899.00 and might be included in their 12 days of xmas sale coming soon.
The omen is a great idea, but probably too large for my desk. Good thought though.
Any other ideas?
Omega! as mstark pointed out Louis can design or customise any of his current modles to fit your needs. 30 day MBG.
Very worth the call.
Does any one know about small 2 way boxes that are efficient enough for 10 watt 300B amps? Are there none?
If not too big, Merlin TSMs would work. I drove the VSMs w a 10 wpc 300b in a 14 x 23 room and while they could not make realistic SPLs wo getting congested, it sounds like you will be listening nearfield where a 300b should be more than adequate.
Wow Swampwalker,
The TSM's are an interesting suggestion.They're fantastic speakers....right up my alley.
Has anyoune used the TSM's on a desktop?

Zu Druid Credenza. You can find them around and Zu might still build a pair for you. JohnBlue JB4, able to make 10 watts go further than their efficiency spec suggests.

I really love my little Quad 9Ls. They are very natural.
They fit right on the desk.
(Oh, I forgot these are self-powered so run right from the source. Still, they are great speakers. Maybe you can skip the amp...)