Desktop speaker placement - difficult situation

I do most of my listening while working on my computer, and I'd really like to optimize this setup. I've got a big monitor (30") and the desk is in a corner. See image: for speakers I'm using Krix Equinox, and I'm thinking of trying some Mirage OMD-5s. I haven't experimented too much, but I have a hunch that having the speakers at an angled wall like this isn't ideal. Does anyone have any thoughts on how I might alter speaker placement, or maybe alter the acoustics of the space?
Contrary to what you think, I would think the corner placement was ideal, especially if in a smaller room. I could be wrong. Certainly lots of people use this as a runaround for dealing with room/reflection issues. I've been using small Ohm omnidirectional speakers (Walsh Mini) for my office system and find that much better for creating a soundstage and disappearing speakers, than when using mini-monitor speakers (where that effect was limited to a more narrow sweet spot). So your Mirage should be capable of similar effects...yes? I'm against a flat wall in the middle of a smallish space...I have not tried corner placement because it is not possible in my space.
No I have not heard the Mirages so cannot compare. My only reason for suggesting they may be similar was that they are omnidirectional like the Ohm's. Other than that, I have no idea how they compare. I love the Ohm Minis though. Great speakers for nearfield. My friend has the larger version of the same speaker and they sound great as well in his living room.