Desktop Harbeth p3esr Amp

I just bought a pair of Harbeth p3esr speakers for a desktop system. Near-field listening while I work - as part of work I'll be dictating using voice recognition. I won't be cranking the tunes.

I'm attracted to the iNova for the all-in-one package (DAC/pre/amp) and the space savings. The iPod dock could see some use. Will I be selling the speakers short with this amp??? The iNova costs about $1800. Any other suggestions?

Yes you will. I'm in the same situation and got a good integrated and DAC hooked to my Mac computer.
I disagree with Meiwan that you'd be selling the P3s short with an iNova. I've heard it in person and it is great. I am using an iDecco with Era D4s on my desktop and am so pleased, I don't know how it can get much better. I am going to try a pair of P3s, though...
Thanks for the opinion.
I really like the P3's.
The P3's will sound good with most amps out there which include the iNova, although I am not familiar with this amp. Good to hear that you like the P3's. They are one of the most transparent and musical bookshelves that I've ever come across.
I had the chance to audition the P3's with a luxman 505u...i was stunned.