Desktop ESLs

Are there any viable desktop electrostatic speakers offered currently?

By "desktop" I mean for listening to at 1-2 meters.

I'd imagine response would have to be substantial down to at least 60 cycles or so.

(I'd prefer not to deal with a subwoofer for this setup.)


Thanks for the suggestions which are reasonable.

I think the Eminent Tech speakers are nice and so are Maggies, but neither can come close to a full-range electrostatic in doing what ESLs do.

I have Martin Logon hybrids on the desktop now. They are nice little speakers.

I was pretty sure there were no real desktop ESL options, but wanted to be sure!

@paulfolbrecht not sure if these meet your criteria, might be too big:

I can vouch for the manufacturer as I purchased the ESL57 QA speakers from them. Peter Walker sold Manfred Stein the original tooling for the 57s and the slight cosmetic design revisions improve on the original.