Desk speakers above monitors angled down at listening position

Anyone who is running multi-monitor and desk speakers? Have you tried angling them down above the montiors (like if you have 3 large monitors) ?


I have 6 monitors and a silent computer (see my Virtual System). Putting a speaker on a desk is bad in the best of circumstances. Putting it on my desk is audio suicide. I would say the same for you.

Now what I do was called heretical by the folks here, but I know better. I have my speakers behind me without any obstructions. That is the most important thing (no obstruction)

I was discussing this with a friend of mine, who is actually building some speakers these days for recording studios in Tenn.

He had been in my office where I have the 6 monitors and heard my system. He also told me what I am doing is definitely the way to go over putting speaker on a desk.

I also tried to put the speakers on a shelf near the ceiling and angled down to the desk. This was rather good, in a relative sense (compared to on the desk). However, it was not as good as the sound coming from behind me.

My office speakers are the $1000 Magnepan LRS+ driven by a CODA #16 amp. The LRS+ provides a wall of sound and is really nice in a small room with my back to it. That wall of sound really helps me forget how I am listening to the music. I just listen and love it.

Vandersteen has a speaker that can go on a higher level. Vivid audio also has a monitor that can also be attached to a wall. I would look at that Vivid speaker if you are set on having the sound coming from above you.

Vivid Kaya S12 loudspeaker |

I’d look at putting them on stands on either side of the desk before resorting to that if possible.  If you’re not super concerned about sound and it’s more just for ambient music it’ll probably be fine as long as you can achieve the proper angle for the tweeters.

I have a pair of Vandy VLR's at the corners by the ceiling in my office.-Mostly because there is no space elsewhere. I originally had them canted downward to my chair, but Mr. V. said to point them straight ahead, as the dispersion pattern is quite wide. They actually sound better this way. I wish I could sit back further, but I can't. In any case they sound pretty dang good.


Don’t allow yourself to get overly serious. I have only two monitors, stacked vertically with Monsoon ribbons alongside. For bigger sound I have tower speakers in the same room. Eack system with additional (sub) woofers.

If it sounds good enough so whatever you have to and don’t pay attention to opinionated "advice."

The kitchen TV has real speakers behind it., the sound emanating from below the screen. BTW they don't make name brand 24" models any more.

Ya at the end of the day the sound quality I get just has to beat my good headphone chain. I think tilted speakers can probably do that. I wonder if a coaxial or full range driver speaker would be better to deal with the weird angle and relatively close distance (probably about 3 feet).