Desire upgrade but uncertain where to begin

I have a Project Debut 2 table with a Grado black or red, uncertain. This is currently connected to my Mrantz pm 7200 with internal phono stage. I have a parasound pph-100 that I can hook up but wanted some clarity before I continue. These are output to Cambridge Soundworks Kloss Tower II speakers. Wanted to optimize my analog front end and wanted help deciding if I should move my phono stage to the parasound, and/or get a new cartrige or table. I have entry level budget but just wanted some comments and opinions about best place to start to improve sound. Current set up has narrow sound stage yet warm and detailed. There is an adequate tight bottom end but the top is a bit subdued--cymbals need more detail at the top end. Any comments about alternate analog front end would be great.
Since you have a different phono stage sitting right there, why not hook it up and listen to what differences you hear? The best budget is "free", lol.

Identifying what you like (or dislike) about one phono stage vs. the other will help you decide what direction you want to go (sonically). That would give people a basis on which to offer advice. At the moment, everybody's shooting in the dark... including you.
Per Dougdeacons suggestion I tried the parasound phono stage and absolutely noticed a difference but not for the better. The bass was smeared and diffuse and their was a not so pleasant high pass effect that seemed to take the sizzle out of the cymbals. I will revert back to the internal Marantz pm7200 phono stage for now. However, my next question is to change out the cartridge for something more detailed with a tight bottom end, wide sound stage, and a lot of high hat sizzle and definition. I would like any suggestions in the the not to exceed $100.00 dollar range. This is the only upgrade I am going to be looking at as next end of year 2014 I will upgrade my entire turntable and pre.

I think the Dynavector 17d3 is a bit out of the budget of $100 ;). More like $1200... a bit less used. It is however a great cartridge that would satisfy wahat you want in terms of sound.

If you plan on purchasing a new expensive cartridge I would wait until your 2014 upgrades so that you know the cart will mate well with the tonearm and pre-amp you end up using. Take my experience with the 17d3 for example, I didn't realize the carts full potential until I upgraded to a pre-amp that allowed for the proper load settings. I wasted 6 months of the cartridges use getting substantially sub-optimal sound.
the 17d3 is found on ebay for $895 new just about all the time, although not one right now. I dont know where you read a budget of $100, but probably a mistype.