Desire to try tubes

So I am new to this have no audio contacts, and low budget it seems based on reading forum. I inherited my brothers Heresy I’s (and LP /CD collection) two years ago and started my journey. First bought a Rega P3 and Rega Fono stage running with existing 20 yo Denon 5.1. Then upgraded the Hereseys from Crites with crossovers and new tweeters (46 yo units). Months later after research and savings bought Stellar GCD and Stellar S 300 amp along with Syzygy SLF 870 sub from Underwoodwally. Nice! Next Marantz 6006 CD as transport and Underwood Emerald Physics and Core Power gold power cords and speaker cables. As able Audio Quest entry connects for all. Each move improved sound. Added a Bluesound node 2i as well only listening to Pandora though. I have no reference to options as I’ve only owned Hereseys and never heard a tube amp in a home and am very curious if a tube pre-amp would be a big plus? If I tried one could muster up to 5k. Just looking for the best sound quality I can afford.
Room is 14.6 x 14.10 x sloped ceiling 8-13’ with 5’ flat section at 13.
I had a TWO real bad experiences from the folks down under.. the problem, BOTH companies didn’t give a hoot if they got bad reviews or not.. AND there was NO legal recourse. NONE... Unless you’re a lawyer and can practice law in Australia. NO THANKS!

The travel and transportation cost, tack on a HEAFTY price, alone... 10-15 %.

Our domestic products, 1% for import cost, at the most.. AND you can fly to their doorstep and complain.. You can’t with Australian products. Again there is NO recourse anyways...Better luck dealing with the Chinese, really!, Hate to say it..

There are three products I’m going to try before I quit. Raven is one.

One (ONLY ONE) if I can ever afford it (rich uncle thing). TOP TOP TOP of the line Mcintosh gear. Speakers back to the wall sockets their hardwired into.

Cary Audio, SPL-05, all the WAB, and a pair of TOP TOP TOP, OTL monoblocks (RE) in Jaguar burgundy RED.

My current speakers collection, and unfinished collection will last me 5 lifetimes...

Thank you very much... MY wish list fellas... 250-300,000. aught to cover the Mac stuff... :-) No I’m not a Mac Speaker fan, I don’t think I am anyways. Haven’t heard a ton of them.. Where you gonna listen to them "A Show"..??

Big Plus 1 for Raven..dollar wise in the long run...

I want to hear a 30 watter on the new Planars from GRS.
In 2 month I'll be close.. No paint but I'll have working Bookshelf/planars, Kmini, KMaxy speakers. :-)

Time to feed the chickens... Come on Dog....

Pathos Classic One MkIII.

Hybrid Integrated, tube preamp section and SS  Amp 130 glorious amps @ 4 ohms. 
Tried the Raven Blackhawk and  it was not to be.

Raven makes great cables and speakers though I own all their cables and the CeLest towers.

@millercarbon how much is Raven paying you?

considering my experience with the Blackhawk must be a lot. 

You have received some very good recommendations.
You have several factors in your favor that can help you fulfill your stated goal. 1Your speakers are both high sensitivity and are known to be easy to drive. You do not require much power so the focus can be on power quality as opposed to quantity.

2 Yout budget range opens the door for some really fine options.
3 Your room dimensions aren’t cavernous so again no need to chase high power amplification.

Some have suggested tube integrated amplifiers and that makes a lot of sense. However I don’t agree with the idea that seperates components are a waste of time. Not true. For roughly the same cost of a Raven Blackhawk integrated here is a highly competitive alternative using seperates.

Atma-Sphere UV-1 preamplifier that utilizes a very simple class A circuit using 6SN7 tubes. Built and backed by the esteemed Ralph Karsten.

Coincident Dynamo MK III el 34 in a single ended pure class A circuit that’d hard wired. 8 watts (Plenty for your speakers and certainly your room size). This is a very high quality built amplifier.

These two excellent separate components will provide you superb sound quality for very reasonable cost. For a bit more money the Dynamo can be built as a 300b SET rather than the SEP el 34. This combo will give any similar priced tube integrated a serious run for the money and may possibly exceed them. There’s plenty of information and reviews available for both of these highly regarded components.