Desire to try tubes

So I am new to this have no audio contacts, and low budget it seems based on reading forum. I inherited my brothers Heresy I’s (and LP /CD collection) two years ago and started my journey. First bought a Rega P3 and Rega Fono stage running with existing 20 yo Denon 5.1. Then upgraded the Hereseys from Crites with crossovers and new tweeters (46 yo units). Months later after research and savings bought Stellar GCD and Stellar S 300 amp along with Syzygy SLF 870 sub from Underwoodwally. Nice! Next Marantz 6006 CD as transport and Underwood Emerald Physics and Core Power gold power cords and speaker cables. As able Audio Quest entry connects for all. Each move improved sound. Added a Bluesound node 2i as well only listening to Pandora though. I have no reference to options as I’ve only owned Hereseys and never heard a tube amp in a home and am very curious if a tube pre-amp would be a big plus? If I tried one could muster up to 5k. Just looking for the best sound quality I can afford.
Room is 14.6 x 14.10 x sloped ceiling 8-13’ with 5’ flat section at 13.

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you are correct

for more of the old school tubey goodness try a cj pv12 or 14

many macs give that sound profile i understand ... i am not a mac guy don’t know the models

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let up and chill - none of this helps the op who posted here looking for advice and useful input

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klipsch’s have their own sound signature for sure... if you like their sound then it is certainly a major benefit that they afford the use of some very very very fine sounding low powered single ended tube amps - amps that cannot be used with many other good speakers with lower efficiency
+1 russbutton

don sachs linestage is indeed an excellent piece - really shows what good 6sn7 tube implementation can achieve with exquisite attention to parts quality and workmanship - stunningly good sound
i have not had a raven

but i have many arc amps older and newer, and also a primaluna

i would say primaluna is very good, and an outstanding value for the money with many cool features

but in terms of sound quality... arc is more pure sounding to my ears, even after signficant tube rolling with the primaluna - i believe it is because the better ARC amps use some solid state driver/cathode followers to enhance the linearity of the tube output at frequency extremes... so you get tube goodness on imaging but also solid state extension and clarity