Designers' work set-ups?

Out of curiosity, what kind of analog set-ups do cartridge designers use when doing the design & testing? Some examples:

Miyajima: Garrard 301 with SAEC WE308L tonearm and Audio Technica AT-LH15/OCC headshell:

Koetsu: Apparently Sugano used Garrard 401s in designing the cartridges:

Lyra: Many pictures of Stig Bjorge or Jonathan Carr seem to feature a Marantz TT1000 turntable and a Mørch tonearm, for instance:

van den Hul: The rumor is that van den Hul uses Technics SP10 + EPA100:

Do tonearm designers have particular cartridges & turntables in use when designing? What about the cartridges & tonearms turntable designers use?

The Decca cartridge was used in the development of the original Rock turntable. The damping trough of the Rock is very beneficial to the Decca design.