Designer Hall of Fame

There are many great designers out there, and especially in the lore from the golden age, but I'm not to familiar with them. I thought it might be interesting to discuss some of the great designers for engineering skill and knowledge, business integrity, and ultimatley quality of their products. My short list a "hall of fame" if you will of designers working today are:

Nelson Pass, Pass Labs
Charles Hansen, Ayre
Roger Modjeski, Music Reference
Ken Stevens, Convergent Audio Technolgy (CAT)
Kevin Hayes, VAC

and how could I leave Jeff Rowland off? Well it is a short list. Who would you nominate?
Yes, there are a couple of threads honoring his memory and contributions on A'gon. Worwhile reading!

Richard Brown of Brown Electronic Labs, manufacturer of one product, the well-regarded BEL 1001 ss stereo (or briged mono) amp.

Unfortunately, Dick died within the last couple of days.
The Klipschorns and the Allison One are reason enough to get these two gents into the hall of fame.

And, without a doubt, Mitch Cotter, who designed for the Marantz Company
and later created the legendary and rare Cotter turntable.