Describing HiFi...The words of a non-audiophile

Last night, my wife saw an acquaintance that must have heard my system, many years ago.

He asked if I “still have that stereo where when you turn it up really loud, you can still understand what they are saying.”

When she told me this, I chuckled to myself, thinking about how in this community that simple question would have turned into a 45 minute discussion with lots of cool catch phrases.

It was nice to hear that simple & honest description of what it is that we are striving for with our playback systems.
I totally agree Chief.The KISS principal always works for me.Not only in audio,in all aspects of life.Enjoy the music.
Your acquaintance would probably make a poor eye witness..."Yes officer, it was definitely human, and was lighting firecrackers as it pointed its appendage at the then still moving person, now motionless on the ground".
'Your speakers cost how much? *Kin 'ell'!
*exclamation of disbelief.