Describe your listening chair

We all spend so much time and money trying to get our audio systems just the way we want them, but do we consider another important aspect of the experience, the chair we park our backsides in?

I'm a digital retoucher and sit in front of a computer about 10 hours a day. My company has been nice enough to supply the designers in my department all with Herman Miller Aeron chairs. I've been using one now for almost 6 years and I know if it wasn't for these great chairs, I'd have all kinds of back and shoulder problems. This is simply the best task chair I've used. So when it became time to consider a chair for my home listening environment, it was a no brainer. Luckily, a coworker knew someone that sold Aerons to medical facilities and was able to give them to us at an awesome discount.

I own ProAc Tablette 50 Signature mini monitors which are placed on 29" tall Lovan stands. The fact that the Aeron chairs are task chairs and have the ability to adjust height, tilt, lumbar, armrests and even swivel allows me to find just the right listening position. I've sat in mine for up to 6 hours taking in tunes and sometimes reading and eating as I do so, all because this chair fits me so well.

So fellow audiophiles, tell me about your gluteus supportus. I know many of you use couches and sofas as your listening station, I have many friends that do. Initially, I thought there might be a problem with reflections from the excess surface area of a large seating platform, but I've never detected any. Eventually, I'd like to add an ottoman of some sort., will that effect sound as well?

Have at it brothers and sisters!
Check the archives. There have been several threads on this topic in the last few years. It is probably best to listen while standing up.
Ms: What a cheerful reply (perhaps you are standing up too much and need to take a load off - you can light a Bic while seated:-)? Listening chairs change perhaps as much as the Hi-fi gear itself. I will respond again when I can provide a link to a photo of my favorite listening chair. I have my choice of two of the same (and they are classic killers). Whatjd - brace yourself (better yet sit down before you view the photo).
Dekay: You don't know me very well. It was intended to be a cheerful reply. And as you know this topic has come up fairly often. How did you know I use a BIC?
What else could you afford if you are involved in this hobby? Plus, we all know that matchhead fumes are bad for the electronics.
Sorry for the redundancy. I did check the archives, but obviously not thoroughly enough. I apologize for rehashing an old issue.

Msnloeth, I don't know you at all, so it's very difficult to see your intended humor. Remember, I can't see your smiling face, only your words through the 12pt. Times New Roman.
Gunbei: No need to be overly serious is there? This stuff is supposed to be for fun. I guess I just haven't given my furniture a lot of thought. I would rather be comfortable first as I don't have a seperate listening room and the room is used for a lot of different activities. My response was an attempt at humor. Please don't take it any other way.
Good enough, no harm done. Enjoy the music.
Well, I sit on beach chair, with couple of pillows to raise my ears to tweeter level. It is not exactly comfortable for long sessions, but very transperent. The wing chair I bought from IKEA was lot more intrusive. The wings vibrated during bass passages.
I bet you can sit real low in a beach chair, in my application that would be a definite advantage. Vibrating chair wings? Maybe if you crank it up even higher the chair will fly!

My "chair" is formerly my bed.

I moved into a new apartment 6 mos ago when I transferred to CSUF. I rented an apt much larger than I need just to make my KEF 103/4s happy. Well, I am happy when he is happy, or she... even better.

Anyways, my living room is very spartan (as opposed to athenan?). I moved my futon into the living room and folded it up into a sofa configuration. I bought a canvas futon cover as well.

This is a good set up, for I can sit or lie down while listening to my system. The futon acts as a good acoustic sponge to absorb "glare", NOT that my system needs it.

Yah, that is how my gluteus is supported; financial aid, scholarships, grants, (mom) and futon. Am I the only mama's boy out here?
Actually Viggen, our listening environments aren't that much different. But we make do with what we have and enjoy it!