Describe the sound of point source loudspeakers?

I have not heard any but I’m going to audition some in the near future. Can you provide any pointers or things I should be listening for? My current loudspeakers are von Schweikert db99se and they are definitely not point source. Thanks for your input.
Point source speakers have multiple drivers the closest I know of is the Kef UniQ driver but it only covers the mid and high frequencies with 2 drivers. I've never heard a FULL range single driver.
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I’ve not contributed to the forum much any more as I believe I have stereo speakers which give so much air, stage with such balanced treble, mid- range and bass that I need no more. Mk2 of much improved brilliance is being released soon. Shame I cannot afford these ones.
Volume turns into solid sound, where each instrument still remains itself, clear and distinct.
The stage is one that you can join and dance or play your instrument. Brilliance from Kyron Audio. 🇦🇺🇦🇺
I just bought Tannoy Turnberrys. I may not be much help here as my room is what I consider merely adequate for dedicated listening.

But what I noticed is that there is only a small noticeable difference. Like a subtle cohesiveness from top to bottom. I think a good design is a good design otherwise everyone would be using this concept. 

The woofer cone is shaped like a horn rather than a typical woofer. I think this is a key difference from other designs. The tweeter uses this cone to create a nice, big presentation.

The woofer cone/horn is always in dynamic movement...this may be a compromise from typical static horn systems. But still, the concept sounds great. Very open sounding. 

The bass is very good at low levels. This I didn't expect but was a pleasant surprise. 
Crossover is a low 1.3k hz but seamless from top to bottom.

Has a very modern sound for a retro looking speaker.

I have Tannoy Churchill's. They are stunning. Warm articulate and have an impressive soundstage. With that, I'd say the soundstage they are capable of sets them apart.