Describe the "new HiFi sound"?

Recently had a discussion with an audio friend over the word "musical" and what this word means to each of us with regard to sound from different amplifiers and speakers. Some debate too.  And, reading this other comment on Agon once in a some equipment has the "new HiFi sound".  


Can someone describe this, in your words, what is the new HiFi Sound to you?  Examples? Or, opposites of the new HiFi sound, what does this sound like?





Well, first off, the post is inane and lacks specificity. There is only authentic believable sound.  Some of that “sound” was made way before you were born.  Great recordings can be done in various ways…the Technology does not a great sound make!  This applies to playback as well…many variables involved.  There is Sound and then there is Reproduced  Sound.  Atmos is a way to make cheaper systems sound more detailed and immersive which while enjoyable for movies, doesn’t really apply that well to conventional music playback.  Most concerts are performed in a location in a 3D space with radiation patterns emanating from a more or less well defined location.  Well designed 2Ch does it more authentically.  If you want to hear the drunk guy taking a piss behind you in row 50…be my guest.

Surround sound technology for home cinema and cinema; typically having a 5.1 or 7.1 setup with additional ceiling speakers or ceiling-directed speakers for home cinemas



Who talks about Elton John as a pianist? He is a piano player who early on wrote many great songs (the music only). it was rumored he only played 4 chords, although I doubt that.

Billy Joel is a better musician than Elton and he wrote music and lyrics. Sold a lot less records though....Wouldn't call him a pianist either.


I appreciate your reply. Before we start a debate re: Atmos, immersive audio for music, or object vs channel based systems I have one question. Do you have a system in your home that is properly setup for immersive audio? 

You can see my system in my profile. thx.