Derek Trucks Band

Just wanted to share this one with you good folks:
I've been a huge fan of Derek Trucks for a few years now. I just picked up "The Derek Trucks Band",a japanese import, his first disc as far as I know.
WOW, really well recorded - and just an AMAZING disc musically. In fact, it may be my new favorite DT!
There is just something wildly creative about talented teenagers that seems to get lost after they've been subjected to the pressures of our "grown up" world!
if you havn't already, order the 2-cd set "Live from the Georgia Theatre" from a 2003 show. i believe i got it from the "hittin' the note" website. i go see him live whenever he plays in the area.
He's a genuine musician, as well as a genuine guy, who never let stardom distract him from the music. I lived in Macon GA during which time he was in his early teens, and I got to see him perform often. More recently, I've enjoyed seeing both him and Susan Tedeschi (to whom he's married) play at ACL fest in Austin.

One of the airlines (don't remember which) had an excellent article about him in their in-flight magazine a couple months ago. He now has a state-of-the-art studio behind his house in north Florida, and is able to work close to home, and have a comfortable and quiet life with his family.
I believe Dickey says he's basically the reason Dickey's no longer in the Allman Brothers band.
Actually, Dickey is the reason that Dickey is no longer in the ABB.