Derek and the Dominos - Layla

.....need some help on this one. The artist name who actually made the cover art for this album / disc is to complicatd to write down here, but what I am looking for is a place where I can get a good reproduction of this print so I can have it framed for my music room. I have looked at ; Al Posters etc ....nothing, nada. Let me know where I can a place to buy a print of this album
I found this.

The ad says that he can do other sizes, up to 36 X 36.
Thanks Mofimadness - this site is a disaster as you have to try and sign up much like Ebay. Not allot of fun......I can not find any other place.
Here's an idea and it may or may not work for you. If you have a University close by try and contact the arts department and see if you can commission a student. Chances are the head of the department will reach out to one of the shining stars. You'll end up with a great rendering for little money and if the student hit the big time you have a treasure on your hands. You can usually do it all online.

I'm doing this right now with a renowned music school, Eastman School of Music. I reached out to them to find a percussionist to teach me how to play Cuica. The school posted it for me free of charge. They encourage their students to do stuff like this.
Hello Donjr - thanks but not sure where you are taking me with your response. I live in Syracuse, NY and I am familiar with the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. I have been trying for weeks in trying to find a print of this album cover - no success and I am suprised

I have commissioned the guy in the link I listed above to do Steely Dan "The Royal Scam" for me in a 24 X 24 print. I've ordered it and will let you know how it turns out.

He told me that he can do just about any album cover as long as he can get a very good hi-res digital scan of the cover.
Mofimadness - the Derek and the Dominos Layla album, now disc, is part of my DNA. I turned 55 and listened to it, again, just the other day and I said; '' a framed poster of this would be nice in my music room ''. So, help me find one ! The site that you had mentioned - I am unable to log on or send the seller and email.

I read your initial reply above about trouble with the site. I had no problem at all. It was just as easy as most of the other e-commerce sites?

Sorry you are having trouble.
I thought I would let you guys know that I received my Steely Dan "The Royal Scam" poster today from the guy (Roger) in the link I posted above.

It is EXCELLENT! Crisp, clear, bright colors and just wonderful. I am taking it in tomorrow to have it mounted and framed.

Like I mentioned above, he can do any album cover as long as he can get a hi-res digital scan of it.

I think I might have him do another one for me. Let's see...maybe Jackson Browne "Late For The Sky" or...?
Good morning Mofimadness......'' The Royal Scam '' - one of my favorites. Does - Roger have a phone number that I can contact him or an email address as I still want the Derek and The Dominos framed. Let me know - and thanks
Mofimadness - finally got through and I guess that I was successful in ordering thank you and I will keep you posted when I get it
Garebear...sorry I didn't see your post. I have only used the site I listed above to communicate with Roger. I gave him my personal e-mail address, but he always went through that site.

I should have mine back from the framing place at the end of the coming week, (November 29th or 30th). I will post pictures somewhere of it, when I get it back.

I'm really happy with the way it turned out unframed and it should be REALLY nice once finished.

Glad you finally got through. He is pretty quick to process and ship, so it shouldn't take to long.
What about copy right laws? Can you just copy this art without paying the artist?
Could I get in touch with this Roger guy? I want the print of the Layla album as well