deqx users please help

Hi, I'm a new owner of deqx digital eq and room correction with digital out option. I just start to plug in the unit and learn how to use them. The first thing I want to make sure is that it operates properly. I start from connecting it from my transport and link to my dac via the digital output and it works ourt fine. I then tried the analog output to evaluate the quality of the built in dac but all I got was silence. Current deqx expert please help me find the reason why there is no sound on analog output.
Many thanks
could only be a switch for type used, digital or analogue
Suchart, did you find out why there is no sound on analog outputs yet? I have a similar unit on order and would be interested to know, thanks.
You may call me at 408-802-8788 in the day time.
I play this baby a quit long time...