DEQX sound output

I’ve owned my Premate for a little over a year.  It was up and running smoothly, until I got a new set of speakers and had to redo all my calibration settings, room correction optimization stuff.  Was able to figure most of that out, but am having an issue with sound output.  Meters are moving for the input and output in the Control Panel. If I use the DAC on the DEQX I have sound.  If I use my external DAC, I do not.  If I go direct from my DAC, leaving the DEQX out of the loop, I have sound.  My signal chain is as follows: laptop -> DAC -> DEQX -> preamp.  The output selection in the control panel is set to analog, as I’m using balanced out.  The setup was working, prior to me creating new configurations/measurements with the DEQX.  I can import the previous speaker configuration/PDC file and it will work, but those are for speakers that I no longer own.  

Any thoughts/help would be greatly appreciated.
Disregard.  After 2 hours of troubleshooting, I solved it.  Wrong input selected on my preamp...facepalm.
let me do it !
BTW- I'm joking.