Depth imaging of Studio 60 vs. Monitor 7s

I just bought a pair of Studio 60, and I have about 50 hours on them already. I had the Studio 60 v3 and my old Monitor 7 v3 do a side-by-side comparison. Monitor 7 were connected to speaker A of the recevier and Studio 60 were connected to speaker B. This way I can switch back and forth with the remote. The receiver I am running is a Denon 3802. My listening distance is about 9' and both speakers are toe-in slightly.

The comparison result is that the Studio 60 sounded warmer and more natural, while the Monitor 7 sounded brighter. The Studio 60 also has a wider imaging, and Monitor 7 sounded more localized. The Studio 60 is more musical sounding, but the Monitor 7 is not behind by much.

The depth imaging, on the other hand, between the two sets of speakers is the same. In fact, the Monitor 7 may even have better depth imaging. When I switch between the two speakers, I could not feel the soundstage of the Studio 60 moving closer. I'm a little disappointed at the Studio 60 in this aspect. I'm wondering maybe if 50 hours of break-in time is not enough for Studio 60?

Since I have to deliver the Monitor 7 to someone else soon, I can only do another comparison at 75 hours of break-in time for Studio 60.
Give them more time to break-in, most Paradigm owners report that it takes a good 150 - 200 hours for break-in. Don't worry, they'll sound just fine in a few weeks and will certainly better the performance of the Monitor 7s...

I agree with RW above.
I have the 60v2's and they do take a VERY long time to come into there own, I'd say 200 hours is not unusual. Some of the depth issue you may have may be more with your Denon and source (CDP) than to do with the studio 60's. Also you will need to play with the placement of the 60's, it took me many hours, lots of listening and lots and lots of moving them around. Much of the time moving them only very small amounts in many, many directions and varying degrees (i.e. closer together, further apart, closer to the wall, further out, less toe-in, more toe-in). Keep at it the 60's without question should out class the Monitor 7's by a far margin.
Good luck, Happy listening and a Merry Christmas.