Depairately seeking 1980's Sovtek 6922's

I'm going to re-tube my Modulus 3A which is currently tubed with 2 pairs of Sovtek 6922's from the 1980's. I really like this combination and would like to replace them with the same. However, I've had no luck at all finding this particular vintage. I've heard from lots of sources that the current production of these tubes under the name of Sovtek are no comparison to the 1980's production. After doing numerous searches and inquiries I've come up with zero. Does anybody have any leads or suggestions?
I am in the same boat as you. I tried the "new" Sovtek 6922's and they sound terrible to my ears. I have also tried the EH 6922 tubes and for now have settled on the JJ 6922 tubes. I am tempted to try the 6h23eb tubes but I have heard they can be bright.

You might want to call Art Ferris at AI, he sells replacement tubes for the 3A and he told me that he rejects more than half the tubes he tests. His prices are a bit higher than the norm, but you will get perfectly matched tubes.

Let us know how you made out.
Try Brent Jessee at Audiotubes.
He doesn't appear to stock them but he might be able to locate them for you.
I just ordered a rare '70s Mazda for a great price.
They don't pop up that often.
I did talk to AI and bought what I was told would be the 1980's NOS Sovtek 6922's. What I got was NOS 6H23eb's. I haven't had time to listen to them yet but I'd be a little surprised if they sound the same. I've really come to enjoy the sound/music I've been getting with the 6922's but have a sinking suspicion that they will soon become totally unavailable.
The 6h23EB's from the 80's sound much the same as the Sovteks from the 80's. I use them in a pre-amp in preference to the 80's Sovteks but it is a very close call. The 6h23's might be a bit more rugged, so they say, but I have had no failures of either to judge by. I don't use the later Sovteks. Colder than a well diggers a..! I don't use these at all. I think you will be hard pressed to hear any, let alone a meaningful, difference between the 6H23EB's and the old Sovteks. Good luck.........
Hi Audioguy I have a matched pair of NOS Sovtek 6922 made in Russia.They were purchased in the early 90's from Melos as extra's for a preamp that has long been sold.The tubes were never used.If you want them PM me.